L-Shape systems consist of two lanes with one 90 ° transfer, and are an excellent choice in areas with limited available space for line-feeding or robotic access. L-Shapes are especially helpful for line-feeding around columns.


Applications include assembly line-feeding, machine/robotic feeding and manufacturing cell supply. L-Shape machines automatically present full racks to the workstation and remove empties while providing the operator or robot with a buffer of racks. L-Shape machines provide the rack location accuracy necessary for robotic interface and are available with optional lifts, jogs, tilts and turntables.
L-Shape machines are available in various technologies.


Features and benefits:

  • Maintains assembly line up time - reduces requirement for demand service by providing a container buffer accumulation at point of Linefeed

  • Assembly operator efficiency is increased by reducing waiting time and by having loads travel to operator instead of operator traveling to loads

  • Accurate and reliable load positioning facilitates interfacing with robotics and dedicated automation

  • Conserves valuable plant space and reduces congestion

  • Zero pressure full accumulation - maintains a 6” space between all unit loads being conveyed

  • Modular design incorporates the very best of functional reliability, performance and flexibility

  • Fully automatic operation by PLC - with manual override controls and Dual Direction Capability

  • Increases robotic and automated assembly tooling throughput up to 20%

  • Employee Safety increased by eliminating forklift movement and container handling adjacent to the assembly line

  • Reduces fork lift travel - empty racks can automatically accumulate back to aisle

  • Ensures no relative motion occurs between transfer bed and the unit loads, thus eliminating load jams, product damage and equipment damage